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Adam M
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Marina del Rey, United States of America

WOW! Are you ready for something you haven't seen before! As seen on Bravo and Travel Channel​,​ The Gastro Garage is the ultimate ACTION STATION- offering a high energy​,​ interactive​,​ experience based catering for all sizes. Whether your event is small and intimate or a thousand person rager​,​ we scale to entertain​,​ create photo ops and most importantly leave your guests raving about your event for years! Our signature dish​,​ The Gastro Tank​,​ is created by blow torching a savory donut​,​ injecting it with nitrous charged foams and finished with awesome blow torched toppings. Whether it’s Garlic Butter Poached Lobster Tails or S’Mores​,​ our team of Gastro Mechanics interact and prepare in front of your guests. They will be amazed with the experience and the outstanding flavors of our gourmet sliders.

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Our setups range from 12 feet to as large as you can imagine! We DON'T NEED ELECTRICTY, WATER OR GAS! We can set up anywhere! We take great pride in working with our clients and finding a way to satisfy budgetary needs. We have worked on all sides of events, from venue operators to logistic managers to the talent. We know what you need and we are here to make every event awesome- and most importantly easy. We are based out of Los Angeles but we travel all over the world. We are in different cities almost every week and have hubs in several cities to help with costs. Please contact us for custom menus. We love to make every event and every menu special for each event. There are awesome items that can be added! For example Chop Shop Salads, Drill Bit Skewers, and More!!

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  • L G

    Our guests loved the food, thank you to the team!

    L GDecember 2023

    Verified Customer

  • Shawnna K

    Our recent company event was taken to a whole new level of culinary excitement, thanks to the innovative and thrilling catering services provided by Gastro Garage. If you're looking to add a touch of spectacle and a burst of flavor to your event, look no further – Gastro Garage has mastered the art of blowtorched food, and they do it with style, flair, and, most importantly, exceptional taste. From the moment the first blowtorch roared to life, guests were captivated by the mesmerizing display of culinary expertise. The chefs at Gastro Garage didn’t just cook food; they transformed it into a gastronomic spectacle. Watching them expertly torch everything from skewers of succulent meats to delicate desserts was nothing short of a performance art piece, leaving everyone in awe.

    Shawnna KOctober 2023

    Verified Customer

  • AM

    If Grant Aschatz and Jose Andres could only cook with a blow torch- that's Gastro Garage. The food was awesome and the presentation was a hit. Several guests came up to me and said "that was the best thing I ever ate". Hire these guys, you won't be disappointed

    Adam H. MSeptember 2023

    Verified Customer

  • Marina Eva K

    Amazing entertainment and amazing food. 5 stars!

    Marina Eva KAugust 2021

    Verified Customer

  • Marina Eva K

    WOW WOW WOW! from the show to the staff to the food. The gastro team was fabulous! We had about 60 guests and we booked 3 chef performers we chose the pizzas, burgers, and peach bites and it was so good and fresh, the charcuterie table we had, in addition, was bearly touched because everyone loved their food. Highly recommend them if you're looking for entertainment combined with amazing food.

    Marina Eva KAugust 2021

    Verified Customer

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