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Clients will be charged upfront via Eventors’ secure payment system. Aside from a 15% transaction fee, you will receive your full payment within 3 business days after the booking is completed.

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It doesn’t matter what you’re a vendor of — or if you’ve never been a vendor before. If you can provide something of value to the world, then you can get paid for it on Eventors. Love to grill? Offer up your services to people planning barbeques. Own a projector? Rent it out for corporate events. Take great photos? Promote your work and get booked for gigs. All you have to do is create your free listing and we’ll take care of the marketing for you. The possibilities are endless.

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  • No subscriptions or hidden fees.

    We charge a 15% processing fee after each confirmed booking. That means that you only pay for the new business that you get from us.

  • Secure payment system.

    Say goodbye to the days of chasing down payments from your clients. Everything is secure and streamlined through our payment system.

  • Impeccable support.

    Our customer support team is available 24/7 to solve any problems you may have. It’s uncommon, but with us, you’ll always be prepared.

Common Questions

Why does eventors charge a 15% service fee ?

- Eventors provides a complete all-in-one marketing platform that includes a secure payment processing system, continuous platform maintenance, and a dedicated vendor support center. Eventors also provides you with an elegant customized listing for clients to find and book your service. This platform can provide your business with an additional stream of income.

Can I choose my own pricing?

- Yes, a vendor can choose and adjust their pricing anytime, however vendors cannot have VISIBLE lower prices anywhere else online.

Why does Stripe (our payment processor) ask for my personal information ?

- Stripe must verify all US accounts – they need to verify that the Bank account you want us to direct your payments to, is your correct and verified bank account.
- We do not store this information ever, it’s secured in Stripe’s servers, and Stripe is the same Financial services company used by some of the largest companies in the US; such as Lift, Amazon, Airbnb, to name a few.

Why am I am paid AFTER the event

- Your payments are held in Stripes Secure Account and funds are released to both you and Eventors upon completion of the Event. The funds can take up to 72 hours for the Bank to process.
- This policy protects all parties, the vendor, client and Eventors.
- We must ensure that the Vendor attends and provides the agreed upon services.
- This process allows you to add more time to your services, if requested by the client; even on the day of the event
- This process allows you to claim for any extra charges or damages

Why should I trust Eventors?

- Vendors have all the control, you can customize your listing, set your own prices and get help from our support team, when needed.
- We have have brought new income streams to hundreds of vendors who have benefited from the easy booking process, repeat satisfied clients, referrals and secure payment processing
- The platform gives accessibility to thousands of viewers and prospective clients to view your listing and book your service, which in turn, generates new revenue for your business.

What if I have a specific service agreement I want my clients to sign?

- You can make any requests you would like on your listing, you are in complete charge of your listing
- You can add a photo of on your listing on your listing
- You can also copy & paste your agreement into the Important Info section
- Eventors has terms where clients can’t cancel and that they have to abide

Cancellation policy

- We have a Standard 90-Day Cancellation policy:
- In the future, we will offer a few different cancellation policies
- We’re very strict with vendor cancellations “A vendor may cancel one confirmed booking within a 6-month period without penalty”
- Last minute cancellations will debit the client, from the funds that are being held and you will receive your agreed upon amount according to to your cancellation policy (full booking total minus 15%)

What if I can’t take on a new booking?

- You make your own schedule, you take on the bookings you want
- When booking requests come in you have the option to accept or decline the request depending on your availability

I have very expensive equipment, what safeguards are in place, if my equipment is damaged?

- You can charge a refundable security deposit
- You can have the clients sign an agreement → your listing and the terms are binding and they will need to abide by your requirements
( You can review this doc: Trust Package)

I prefer not to be paid after the event, do I have an option?

- This is standard procedure in the marketplace industry, in order to hold vendors accountable for delivering a quality service.
- If you need funds to prepare for the event, we may be able to release 50% of the booking total, we normally offer this option for bookings over $2000 but you can make the request and we will review on a case by case basis.
- Rest assured, you WILL get paid, Stripe acts as an escrow account, they are a neutral third party payroll company, holding on to funds during a transaction, and when a service is successfully completed, they release the funds immediately.
- Have you paid for marketing before? How much?
- You don’t pay ANYTHING to be featured. And say you don’t get very many bookings, well just ONE confirmed booking would be worth having a free listing and getting business you would otherwise not have found without us. We literally bring you paying customers to your doorstep.

Which precautions against COVID-19 does Eventors have in place?

- Since we are a platform, and marketplace, we ask vendors to follow any requested Covid-19 precautions requested by clients, booking their services.

Our testimonials


Super easy to use, customer service is always available, almost as if I’m dealing with an actual event planner. Never had a problem. Such a smooth and easy process.

Author: Alma, Party Entertainment Company

I have been using eventors for 2 years as a professional vendor. What I truly love about Eventors is their quality customer service and the clients that I receive. I like the fact that I can price my services and can customize packages for clients. The greatest thing about Eventors is that they collect payment as soon as the customer books me. That means I do not need to deal with that on the day of the event or prior. Everything is all set up for you.The customer and us vendors will get great customer service if needed!

Author: Amir, Photobooth & DJ services

I have been a vendor on this platform from the start of Eventors, and it’s been so helpful. I use the extra charges function for any additional charges or for damages. I don’t have to chase payments anymore, and I know the transactions are secure and reliable. Clients submit payment, you just need to accept the booking. The difference is this platform generates bookings, not just leads. Eventors is definitely the future of booking event planning services.

Author: Prisca, Decorator & Designer

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