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Onsite gourmet catering company specializing in a variety of cuisines & fusion dishes. With over 15 years of experiences in banquet & private catering services​,​ we can create dishes that can suit your budget & especially you palate.

Robert B

Includes in basic price

Basic Taco Bar Package: Includes 3 meat options, rice & beans, condiments, salsas, utensils & platware included. This package is for a minimum for 50 guests Our meat options: Carne Asada, Al Pastor (this is our staple), Chicken, Chorizo Our vegan/vegetarian: Grilled Veggies, Soyrizo, Wild Mushroom Mix with a Soyrizo Glaze, Potatoes, Potatoes with Soyrizo (a big hit), Jackfruit Barbacoa



EL Morro Taco Bar Package


Basic Package for onsite service, minimum requirement for 50 guests

Vegan Taco Bar Package


Your choice of 3 vegan options. Comes with 1 cook & 1 server, all Basic Package garnishes and salsas. Perfect for 50 guests.

Service Charge/Mileage Fee


A 18% service charge is applied to all bookings. Mileage fee may vary depending on location of the event


All events will acquire service charge, and over mileage fee depending on location on events

Reviews (1)

  • Austen S

    Food was fantastic Michael was dope, I hope he got his tip I Venmo’d to Sabor. Would cater sabor 1000 more times

    Austen SJune 2021

Event type

  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Workshops
  • Baby showers
  • Company Events
  • Kids parties
  • Adult party
  • Meetings
  • Corporate
  • Dinners
  • Team off site
  • Launch party
  • Outdoor

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