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We're a skilled team of hosts proficient in managing event entrances and guiding guests seamlessly inside. Relax and take pleasure in your event​,​ while we execute door duties with professionalism!

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Verified Customer Reviews (17)

  • Nick B

    The two security guards were very nice and easy to work with. They made sure everything ran smoothly the whole night and were awesome guys!

    Nick BApril 2022

    Verified Customer

  • Rachel S

    This ended up being cancelled + rescheduled for another time.

    Rachel SFebruary 2022

    Verified Customer

  • Skye H

    Great event venue! :)

    Skye HJanuary 2022

    Verified Customer

  • justin p

    Great communication the venue was perfect overall 10/10 highly recommend

    justin pSeptember 2021

    Verified Customer

  • MD

    Brandon and the team were amazing! I put this event together last minute, and they were quick to respond and help get everything situated. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an event space or a team of hosts!

    Malcolm-Ali DAugust 2021

    Verified Customer

  • Eric J

    Best in the business, they're awesome!

    Eric JApril 2021

    Verified Customer

  • Niq W

    Definitely cool person to work with. I didn’t do much so everything was smooth.

    Niq WFebruary 2021

    Verified Customer

  • Frida R

    I love the venue I had rented and Brandon and his colleague were so nice and helpful! Super professional and all my guests said they liked the greeting they got when arriving! Highly recommend and I would definitely hire them again! Thank you.

    Frida RFebruary 2021

    Verified Customer

  • Bbroyale C

    Great time

    Bbroyale CFebruary 2021

    Verified Customer

  • Matthew G

    Brandon was a great host for the event. Made check in and out an easy process.

    Matthew GDecember 2020

    Verified Customer

  • Jennifer B

    Great host! Brandon was very professional and helped us with anything we needed!

    Jennifer BDecember 2020

    Verified Customer

  • Nicole H

    I want to say thank you so much Brandon anyone that is thinking about booking please do so! The attendees were patient and proficient what ever I ask for it was done! Thank you will book again

    Nicole HDecember 2020

    Verified Customer

  • Asia A

    Let’s start by saying WOW! Brandon was amazing! Very attentive the entire time! It helped that he has hosted this venue before so he knew all the small questions I had throughout the party! He made everyone feel very comfortable. He was extremely professional while also being approachable. He was so easy to work with. I can seriously go on and on about how satisfied I was with his service!

    Asia ANovember 2020

    Verified Customer

  • vondee B

    Wow, I don’t even know where to to begin. Brandon and his staff were beyond professional, pleasant and helpful. He made sure everything was taken care of from start to finish. But the wow factor for me was when he made a continuous effort and appearance to make sure that my guest were safe and adhering to restrictions and guidelines. The best part about the service I received was when guest were inquiring and complimenting his warm and professional hospitality. Thank you again Brandon for making my event a success!!

    vondee BNovember 2020

    Verified Customer

  • Ivan H

    Brandon was amazing. He did a great job making sure everyone is safe and providing excellent service.

    Ivan HNovember 2020

    Verified Customer

  • Pleasure K

    we had SEVERAL of our guest who paid to be at our event complain about the host, regarding how rude he was in his demeanor and talk and how unwelcome he made people feel. At one point while standing near the front door he bum rushed passed me nearly knocking me over rather than simply asking me to move. Mind you I am pregnant. The lights being off in the building presented some challenges, however given That their policy is typically 1 host per 50 people, despite my mix up at booking, he should’ve been prepared and equipped for the job. He wasn’t. He was frustrated and anxious through out the night- which is understanding only to a certain extent. But this negatively impacted his ability to provide the quality service that The company claims to have the capacity to provide. There were plenty opportunities for him to communicate his expectations and requests to myself and other guests in a respectful, non confrontational, nor combative manner and not once did he do that- until after I called his supervisor. His role as a host - to escort guests smoothly, be a first point of contact, communicate effectively for our comfort and the comfort of the other residents- was conflated with a distorted over-authoritative, dismissive, and disrespectful attitude that mirrored far too closely to that of the hyper-policing we experience far too often at the hands of over reactive and under prepared personnel deemed with serving, protecting, and securing. We were all ready at a huge loss for having to have our event in the dark and he did not add, but only took away even further from the experience. After sharing all of this with the supervisor his only response was an apology for “IF” the host was being to harsh.

    Pleasure KNovember 2020

    Verified Customer

  • Joshua R

    so helpful, professional and kind. Couldn't have asked for a better experience!

    Joshua RSeptember 2020

    Verified Customer

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