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About this service

ADA-compliant & luxury mobile restroom and shower trailers that look amazing and feel even better. Give Your Guests So Much More Than Just A Toilet—Give Them An Experience They’ll Remember.

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2-Station Legacy Restroom Trailer


Our 2-Station Legacy restroom trailer with one women’s restroom & one men’s restroom has very spacious stalls with hands-free pedal flush toilets, beautiful hands-free sink bowls & faucets with hot & cold water & vanity mirrors.

3-Station Black-Tie Restroom Trailer


This luxury trailer features 2 private women’s restrooms with sink and toilet in each & 1 private men’s restroom with sink, toilet and urinal.

6-Station Shower & Restroom Combo Trailer


This trailer offers 6 private stalls each with sink, toilet and shower.

10-Station VIP Restroom Trailer


This luxury trailer provides 5 private stalls on women's side and 3 waterless urinals & 2 private flushing stalls on men's side.

10-Station ADA Restroom Trailer


This trailer offers 4 private stalls on women's side, 2 private stalls & 3 urinals on men's side plus 1 private unisex ADA room with sink, toilet, handrails and ramp.

12-Station Shower Trailer


Our 12-station mobile shower trailer offers 12 private, individual stalls with bench dressing area. Both men and women’s rooms feature 6-shower stalls. Portable shower trailers are set up with on-demand hot water along with heat and air-conditioning.

Event type

  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Workshops
  • Baby showers
  • Company Events
  • Kids parties
  • Adult party
  • Meetings
  • Corporate
  • Dinners
  • Team off site
  • Launch party
  • Outdoor


Don't let the restrooms be the reason your event was not a success!

Includes in basic price

Restroom trailer delivery, rent for up to 7 days, final pump out & pick up. Tax is based on delivery location and added upon order.

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