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A rare and effective combination of sound healing​,​ guided meditation and hypnotherapy come together to bring you true confidence and self worth! Believing you are enough is a struggle​,​ especially in sales where cold calling and business success is key. HypnoJourney Soundbath gives tools to shift the identity to being more than enough and a confidenct​,​ successful real estate agent or in any other field where sales is the key factor. In the thousands of people that I help in the office and studios​,​ one of the main limiting beliefs many express is feeling good enough! Working one on one with me gives them the tools they need to move forward in life feeling more than good enough and creating the life they desire and deserve. I wanted to bring this powerful transformative combination to as many people as I can in a group setting​,​ shifting identity into a confident being feeling more than enough! Experience a transformational HypnoJourney Sound Bath with a sacred gong​,​ quartz crystal singing bowls​,​ Tibetan singing bowls​,​ and other healing instruments used to put the mind into deep meditation​,​ rejuvenation​,​ and relaxation. In this deep meditative state and through the HypnoJourney​,​ we are able to tap into your unconcious mind and clear out limiting decisions and behaviors that do not serve you and help you gain confidence and feel enough! This workshop will focus on feeling more than enough and raising confidence in your team and achieve and accomplish their goals! Hypnotherapy​,​ Sound & Vibrations are powerful tools to help on the journey and helps achieve shifts and powerful transformations. The instruments used help: rejuvenate relieve stress​,​ anxiety and insomnia induce deep relaxation bring in feel good chemicals into the body unblock emotions relieve physical pain What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis uses an all-natural state that you experience daily! Some examples of this state are while driving down the road and not realize how you got to your location or reading a book or watching a movie where you feel like you are there! If you've ever daydreamed​,​ you've been in trance! In hypnosis​,​ we tap into this natural state to talk directly to the part of your mind responsible for running the body​,​ generating emotions and habits. This is the same part of your mind that works to achieve your goals and desires​,​ and the part of you that dreams. It's your subconscious. By tapping into the infinite capabilities of your subconscious​,​ you can achieve the results you want in just 90 minutes. Facts about Hypnosis * It is all-natural and an awake state * It has been proven scientifically * It is totally safe * Hypnosis involves no special powers or "hocus-pocus" * You will always be in total control * You will be awake the entire time hypnosis is not sleep * You will hear every word said * You will feel calm and relaxed *Group hypnotherapy is affordable - the hourly rate for one-on-one hypnotherapy is more than four times the ticket price to this workshop! Help your team shift out of fear and limiting beliefs and into confidence and feeling more than enough! To being to have confidence in cold calling​,​ in business success and strategy and achieve their goals and beyond. ABOUT GINA: Gina Skye​,​ C.Ht. is a Board Certified Master Hypnotherapist​,​ Board Certified Master NLP Practioner​,​ Certified Sound Therapist​,​ Breathwork Facilitator​,​ Pranic Healer and Reiki Master Teacher based in Los Angeles. Her programs shifts lives and helps people She curates soundbaths​,​ sound healing​,​ and vibrational sound therapy to revitalize the mind​,​ body​,​ and spirit and sets the stage for deep mediation​,​ relaxation​,​ and rejuvenation.Her own healing journey led her to the practices she administers and teaches today. She is truly invested and passionate about shifting the lives of everyone she meets Instruments are ancient modalities Crystal singing bowls​,​ Mercury Gong​,​ Tibetan bowls​,​ sounds of natures​,​ and planetary attunements. She encourages those who attend to be comfortable with blankets and pillows​,​ and create a cozy environment to relax and let go. Come join us as we take you through a truly transformational journey!

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Mindset/Subconscious Mind Techniques, Hypnotherapy Session and Sound Bath. A Soundbath is a personal, meditative experience. Using crystal singing bowls, gongs and vibrational instruments we help you to relax and go deep into meditation. This allows healing at the cellular level and manifesation at the soul level. -432hz frequencies from crystal bowls and tuning forks activate the energy centers in the body, realigning cells that are out of sync -Specific sequences activate the Nitrous Oxide cycle within the body that promote cell restoration and the body’s natural healing cycles -Promotes better sleep, relaxation, regulates mood and energy, enhances neural pathways, and reduces chronic stress -Realigns the mind, body, and spirit

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