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Capturing your Life Best Moments. Red Carpet 360 Video Photobooth and Selphy Marshmallow Photobooth with Digital Boomerang

FIESTA Photobooths


Fake tab


Selphy Marshmallow Digital Photobooth

Inflatable Marshmallow, Selphy Photobooth, Age Appropriate Props,


Per hour

360 Video Photobooth

Red Carpet Gala Entrance, Technician on Site, Age appropriate props, Money Gun with $100 fake money props, 360 Video Platform for 3 people at a time, TV display of captured Videos, Professional Lighting effects, LED ambience lamps, and Sharing Station.


Per hour

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    Event type

    • Birthday parties
    • Weddings
    • Workshops
    • Baby showers
    • Company Events
    • Kids parties
    • Adult party
    • Meetings
    • Corporate
    • Dinners
    • Team off site
    • Launch party
    • Outdoor

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