Ashley L
Ashley L

You will deep-dive into the world of aged tea and discover your new favorites with a Certified Tea Sommelier. Learn about the history and making of aged tea​,​ correct brewing techniques​,​ and nuances and flavors that make three different aged teas spectacularly unique. Attendees will receive a tasting kit including the three aged teas. This is a great event for teams who are ready to move beyond Zoom cocktails and discover something new together. Everyone will leave this event a tea-lover.

Aged Tea Tasting


Each attendee will receive a tasting kit, which includes the following 3 aged teas: -Smoky Pu-erh (2017) 1oz -Menghai Old Tree Ripe Pu-erh (2009) 1oz -White Peony (2015) 1oz This kit does not include teaware. But should you wish to add teaware to your tea experience, we recommend signing up for our Gaiwan Brewing Technique workshop.

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