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We are a mobile food trailer that provides shave ice with natural flavors and made with pure cane sugar. There are many options to choose from in regards toppings including ice cream. All ice molds are made with filtered water to create the softest and fluffiest ice to resemble snow. We have over 40 flavors to choose from. Sugar free options are available. FLAVOR MENU: -Blueberry -Blue Bubblegum -Blue Hawaiian -Blue Rasberry -Blue Vanilla -Butterscotch -Banana -Boysenberry -Cake Batter -Cantaloupe -Cappuccino -Cherry -Coconut -Cola -Cotton Candy -Creamsicle -Fruit Punch -Grape -Green Apple -Guava -Honeydew Melon -Horchata -Kiwi -Lemon -Ling-Hing-Mui -Lime -Lychee -Mai Tai -Mango -Margarita -Passion Fruit -Passion Orange -Peach -Pina Colada -Pineapple -Pink Bubblegum -Pink Lemonade -POG -Red Rasberry -Rootbeer -Strawberry -Tamarind -Tangerine -Tiger's Blood -Vanilla -Wild Watermelon

Sugar Rush Shave Ice & Treats

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Main Service

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Package-

Included: -2 hours of service (To add more hours please add the extra hour item) -A serving attendant -12 flavors to choose from (Refer to description menu) -Toppings (Chamoy, Tajin, Sour Spray, and Condensed Milk)


Per item

Add Ons to Main Package

Ice cream package

1 scoop of ice cream per cup


Per item

Candy blaayu

Candy toppings of nerds, sour patch, gummy worms with a candy stick of peach ring, sour belt octopus gummy


Per item


We do require adequate space for a 10x10 professional tent. It’s suggested, but not required that we have access to an outlet for use of electricity.

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