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Ashley L

Did you know that 80% of tea consumed in America is iced? Yet​,​ most people make their iced tea by Googling "cold brew tea" or sticking to the SAME old recipe. The problem is that online recipes tend to be generic or too specific to the tea for the recipe to be helpful. Different teas require different approaches to make the perfect pitcher of cold brew tea. If you are looking to organize a team event that's relevant​,​ timely​,​ and interactive​,​ then you need to learn more about our Cold Brew Technique workshop. Our 1-hour Cold Brew Technique workshop covers: - The #1 differentiator that determines different types of iced tea - How to create 3 drastically batches of cold brew from the same tea (and make them) - Full tasting notes so that you can taste tea like a PRO and of course​,​ expect laughter​,​ two-way video interaction​,​ and hands-on brewing!

Cold Brew Workshop

Cold Brew Technique

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Cold Brew Technique

For 1-10 pax

Flat Rate Price of $660


Per item

For 11-30 pax

$60/person | 11-30 pax


Per item

For 31-50 pax

$55/person | 31-50 pax


Per item

For 51-100 pax

$50/person | 51-100 pax


Per item

For 101 - 200 pax

$45/person | 11-30 pax


Per item

For 200+ pax

$40/person | 200+ pax


Per item


What you'll need to bring: - 3 of the same jars or wine glasses or pitchers (at least 250 mL or 8 fl oz in size) - 3 coasters or lids to cover the jars/glasses/pitchers - Room temperature water - A kettle filled with room temperature water - A scale (optional)

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