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We are a woman owned ultrasound company providing unique experiences for pregnancy announcements​,​ LIVE gender reveals​,​ and 3D​/​HD Ultrasounds. Our LIVE GENDER REVEAL is done in real time by a certified sonographer. The image is displayed on projector​,​ or TV (your preference)​,​ as they determine the gender of your baby. We have custom LED bracelets for all guests that will then turn either blue or pink! We have many many different ways to customize this experience​,​ no matter how big or small you want to go! We are also available for pregnancy announcements​,​ and baby showers. Ultrasound will be displayed on projector so your friends and family can see your baby before they arrive & hear the baby's heart beat! A great bonding experience for the family!

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+ 20 minute 2D session + Pregnancy confirmation (as early as 6 weeks) + All images from session sent via email + Listen to baby’s heartbeat



+ 25 minute 3D/4D/HD live session + All images from session sent via email + Listen to baby’s heartbeat + Gender reveal! (if requested)



+ Customized LIVE gender reveal! + all images provided via email or USB flash drive + Customized gift bag for Mom + Listen to baby’s heartbeat



+ For high-profile clients seeking a super private session + Ultrasound performed by owner for ultimate discretion + Execution of NDA (if needed) + Arrival in non-branded vehicle + PLEASE MESSAGE US FOR PRICING

Some of our options for Add-Ons include:

Ultrasound Display


Ultrasound session displayed using a projector or TV

LED Package

$12 / Per attendee

Customized LED bracelets for guests, LED laser light show, LED stage lighting effect, Floating Pool Balls

Decor Package


Smoke bombs, confetti pops, balloons, etc. Price will vary, message us with what you're looking for (:

Event type

  • Baby showers
  • Adult party
  • Outdoor


For Gender Reveals gestational age must be at least 14+ weeks. To ensure accuracy we require either a previous ultrasound session with our team, another facility, or confirmation of gender from your doctor before the date of the event. (Sometimes the baby's legs will be crossed making it difficult, if not impossible to get the gender--we want to avoid that situation) For Pregnancy Announcements gestational age must be 9+ weeks. For optimal 3D/HD imaging gestational age recommended is between 26-30 weeks.

Includes in basic price

Refer to Items above for available options you can book *price may vary depending on customization and add-ons please message us for more information

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